What I Am Loving: Spring Fling Edition

PB & Nutella

above: an entry into Instagram's #WPHdoubletake 

These past few weeks have been crazy nation. With finals fast approaching and wedding season in full swing, I haven’t had much time to cook or bake, let alone write anything. With time being what it is, I still wanted to post something for you all. A while back, I read a post by Emma from mydarlinglemonthyme.com where she wrote about some of her favorite things in the month of March and I was like “Yes, let’s do that”. You didn't ask for it, but you’re going to get it anyways. Here is what I am loving this spring season.

*Mason Jars: Seriously, I’ve been drinking everything out of them lately; cold brew coffee, iced tea, water, milk, my bitter tears, etc. 

*JP + Julia from hellthyjunkfood.com: I stumbled across this YouTube channel about a year ago. I was undergoing a quick search for homemade “Crunch Wrap Supreme” recipes and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I honestly watch them every time I eat, and I mean every time. JP and Julia take the term “foodporn” to the next, digitally-engaged level.

*this shirt

*my impeccable Spotify playlist

*Nik from abrowntable.com: I forgot how I stumbled across Nik’s blog, but I’m sure glad I did. His food photography is moody and breathtaking.

*Colored poster boards

*signing a lease on my first apartment! 

*this TEDtalk

*Meghan from oatgasm.blogspot.com: I read about Meghan via Instagram’s blog. She’s a fellow Illinois-ian and, for only being 17 years old, she has so, SO much talent.

*this cookbook

*this food photography book- perfect for beginning food photographers like myself. 

*this guy’s hair

*Thalia from butterandbrioche.com: I want to say I found about Thalia via Bloglovin.com, but I could be mistaken. Anyways, I love her blog. It’s all about baking and I just can’t even. I love everything this girl puts together. So talented.

*my cast iron skillet

*Anna: She's a super sweet and talented girl who I went to high school with. I just simply LOVE her work. 

*Sarah from thesugarhit.com: Better known as the Sugar Czarina, she is truly the ruler of all things sugar in my book. Book? Funny you should mention that, because she has got one coming out this autumn!

*this picture of a baby swan

*being a runner up in Chronicle Book’s The Great Tumblr Book Search

*Samantha from @elleventy: I found Samantha via Instagram and I’ve been in love ever since. Her baking is cute and pun filled, which I love most of all.

*PB&J sandwiches: I’ve been noticing since I’ve started college, I have consumed an unprecedented amount of pb&j sandwiches. It’s becoming an issue, truly.

*and this tumblr post

Sorry for the short, spontaneous post. I promise, a new food post is coming your way next week. 

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